Case Results


Law Office of James Novak

State v. TLMesa CitySuper Extreme DUIDismissed*
State v. SRSuperior CourtFelony Drugs and DUIDismissed*
State v. DSSuperior CourtFelony Aggravated DUIDismissed*
State v. DFSuperior CourtFelony DrugsDismissed*
State v. LBSuperior CourtFelony TrespassDismissed*
State v. CFSuperior CourtFelony DrugsDismissed*
State v. JGSuperior CourtFelony Aggravated AssaultDismissed*
State v. SRTempe CityExtreme DUIDismissed*
State v. RWSuperior CourtFelony Aggravated DUIDismissed*
State v. NRSuperior CourtFelony DrugsDismissed*
State v. BBMesa CityDrug & Alcohol DUIDismissed*
State v. ACSuperior CourtFelony DrugsDismissed*
State v. DAWest Mesa JusticeDUIDismissed*
State v. PMSuperior CourtFelony Aggravated AssaultDismissed*
State v. SAScottsdale CityExtreme DUIDismissed*
State v. AHSuperior CourtFelony DrugsDismissed*
State v. BAChandler CityExtreme DUIDismissed*
State v. CNSuperior CourtFelony DrugsDismissed*
State v. TFSuperior CourtFelony Aggravated AssaultDismissed*
State v. LBScottsdale CityDUIDismissed*
State v. DCSuperior CourtFelony DrugsDismissed*
State v. KTSuperior CourtFelony DrugsDismissed*
State v. LBTempe CityDUIDismissed*
State v. JBPhoenix CityExtreme DUIDismissed*
State v. JBGilbert CityDUIDismissed*
State v. MRSuperior CourtFelony Aggravated AssaultDismissed*
State v. ABPhoenix CitySuper Extreme DUIDismissed*
State v. NSSuperior CourtFelony DrugsDismissed*
State v. MCTempe CityDUIDismissed*
State v. GJSuperior CourtFelony DrugsDismissed*
State v. SCMesa CitySuper Extreme DUIDismissed*
State v. NCTempe CityExtreme DUIDismissed*
State v. SBSuperior CourtFelony DrugsDismissed*
State v. RDGilbert CityDUIDismissed*
State v. SDWest Mesa JusticeExtreme DUIDismissed*
State v. MSSuperior CourtFelony DrugsDismissed*
State v. CRSuperior CourtFelony DrugsDismissed*
State v. MDTempe CityExtreme DUIDismissed*
State v. MMSuperior CourtFelony DrugsDismissed*
State v. HDMesa CityDUIDismissed*
State v. AEScottsdale CityExtreme DUIDismissed*
State v. CFTempe CityDUIDismissed*
State v. JFGilbert CityDUI DrugsDismissed*
State v. TGTempe CityExtreme DUIDismissed*
State v. TCSuperior CourtFelony DrugsDismissed*
State v. GGPhoenix CityExtreme DUIDismissed*
State v. SHChandler CityDUIDismissed*
State v. HHTempe DUIDUIDismissed*
State v. BHTempe CityDUIDismissed*
State v. RPSuperior CourtFelony DrugsDismissed*
State v. SKUniv. Lakes JusticeExtreme DUIDismissed*
State v. ALTempe CityDUIDismissed*
State v. TLGilbert CityExtreme DUIDismissed*
State v. DLEast Mesa JusticeDUIDismissed*
State v. SMGilbert CityDUIDismissed*
State v. GRSuperior CourtFelony DrugsDismissed*
State v. CMMesa CityDUIDismissed*
State v. RMChandler CityDUIDismissed*
State v. DMTempe CityDUIDismissed*
State v. APWest Mesa JusticeExtreme DUIDismissed*
State v. JRGilbert CityExtreme DUIDismissed*
State v. DRScottsdale CityDUIDismissed*
State v. JRTempe CityDUIDismissed*
State v. GSPhoenix CityExtreme DUIDismissed*
State v. ASPhoenix CityExtreme DUIDismissed*
State v. LGSuperior CourtFelony DrugsDismissed*
State v. NSTempe CityExtreme DUIDismissed*
State v. TMSuperior CourtFelony Aggravated AssaultDismissed*
State v. WSTempe CityExtreme DUIDismissed*
State v. JSSan Marcos JusticeDUIDismissed*
State v. VSTempe CityExtreme DUIDismissed*
State v. JVPhoenix CityDUIDismissed*
State v. CWMesa CityExtreme DUIDismissed*
State v. RCSuperior CourtFelony DUI and AssaultDismissed*
State v. AWTempe CityExtreme DUIDismissed*
State v. JGSuperior CourtFelony DrugsDismissed*
State v. RWSan Tan JusticeExtreme DUIDismissed*
State v. JYChandler CityExtreme DUIDismissed*

* The above listed are past results. We cannot guarantee future results. Please note that each case is different. Success in prior cases should not be construed as a warranty of success in any particular future case and does not guarantee the same or similar results in another case. The cases listed above only represent some of the cases handled by our office within a recent 36 month period and does not represent a comprehensive list of all cases handled by the firm.

In many of the cases above, the criminal charges were completely dismissed. However, the list also includes DUI cases where a higher DUI charge was dismissed or reduced to a lower charge such as reckless driving or traffic infractions. In addition, this list includes serious criminal charges that were dismissed or reduced to a lesser charge or dismissed after the completion of a deferred prosecution program. The dismissals also include cases that were reduced from felonies to misdemeanors, or where the prosecution was originally seeking to impose jail or prison time, and no jail or prison was required in the outcome. The dates and full names have not been displayed to protect the privacy and confidentiality of the clients.